Data from a phase 1b study of Quemliclustat-based regimens showed promising overall survival in treatment-naïve metastatic pancreatic cancer. Median Overall Survival was 15.7 months for all patients treated with 100 mg quemliclustat-based regimens in the ARC-8 study, which exceeds the historical benchmark data for chemotherapy alone.
Quemliclustat is an investigational, potent and selective small molecule CD73 inhibitor. CD73 is the primary enzymatic producer of immunosuppressive adenosine in the tumor microenvironment, and high CD73 expression is associated with significantly poorer prognosis in several tumor types. Quemliclustat has been shown to block the production of adenosine. Once the immunosuppressive effects of adenosine are removed, activation of antitumor immune cells may be restored, resulting in cancer cell death.