Название продукции:quinolin-5-yl-5-boronic acid

IUPAC Name:(quinolin-5-yl)boronic acid

Молекулярная формула:C9H8BNO2
Номер в каталоге:CM111031
Молекулярная масса:172.98

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Информация о продукции

Номер CAS:355386-94-6
Молекулярная формула:C9H8BNO2
Точка плавления:-
Номер в каталоге:CM111031
Молекулярная масса:172.98
Точка кипения:
Номер Mdl:MFCD03095058

Category Infos

Quinolines are an important class of biologically active heterocyclic compounds, and their derivatives usually exhibit a variety of biological activities. They can be used as antimalarial drugs and in the preparation of other antimalarial drugs. Other important activities of quinoline derivatives include inhibitory activity against EGFR-TK and antipsychotic activity. Futhermore, quinoline scaffolds are present in various drug molecules, including the antimalarial drugs aablaquine, chloroquine, mefloquine and primaquine, and the antibacterial agents gatifloxacin, levofloxacin, and moxifloxacin.
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Boronic Acids and Esters
Boronic acids and boronate esters are commonly used reagents in Suzuki–Miyaura coupling chemistry. Organoboron derivatives are common reagents for C–C bond formation, either through classical palladium-mediated transformations or through other newer coupling methods. Boronic esters and acids are potential intermediates in the manufacture of many active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
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