Название продукции:SZL P1-41

IUPAC Name:3-(1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl)-6-ethyl-7-hydroxy-8-[(piperidin-1-yl)methyl]-4H-chromen-4-one

Молекулярная формула:C24H24N2O3S
Номер в каталоге:CM110308
Молекулярная масса:420.53

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Номер CAS:222716-34-9
Молекулярная формула:C24H24N2O3S
Точка плавления:-
Номер в каталоге:CM110308
Молекулярная масса:420.53
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Category Infos

Piperidine is an azacycloalkane that is cyclohexane in which one of the carbons is replaced by a nitrogen. Although piperidine is a common organic compound, it is an immensely important class of compounds medicinally: the piperidine ring is the most common heterocyclic subunit among FDA approved drugs.
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Benzothiazoles are aromatic heterocyclic compounds with the chemical formula C7H5NS. Benzothiazoles and their derivatives are a very important class of heterocyclic compounds that are ubiquitous in nature and are mainly used in medicine, agriculture and industry. In medicine, benzothiazole derivatives are a kind of very important pharmaceutical intermediates with good pharmacological and biological activities. It can be used as a fungicide, anti-tuberculosis drug, anti-malarial, anti-convulsant, insecticide, sedative and anti-inflammatory drug, and can also be used to treat diabetes and has anti-cancer effects.

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Benzo Heterocycles
Benzoheterocycles are heterocycles which are fused with a benzene ring. Coumarone, thianaphthene, benzopyridine, isoquinoline, and dibenzopyridine all belong to this class of compounds.