Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder worldwide. As the world ages, the demand for Alzheimer's disease (AD) drugs increases dramatically. Alzheimer's disease (AD) will also continue to be an industry focus in 2024. There are various types of AD drugs, including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and small molecule inhibitors. Lecanemab has become the first new AD treatment to be fully approved by the FDA in 20 years. Lilly's AD treatment donanemab is under review by the FDA. Among small molecule drugs, buntanetap is a a novel translational inhibitor developed by Annovis. Buntanetap reduces levels of multiple neurotoxic proteins (beta amyloid, tau, alpha synuclein, and TDP43), thereby improving synaptic transmission and axonal transport and reducing inflammation, which has been shown to be a cause of cell death reason. By attacking multiple pathways associated with neurodegeneration, buntanetap can reverse Alzheimer's disease's devastating effects on thinking and memory.
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